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Supporting Black Excellence in Housing, Community, And Social Services in Ontario

Fireside Chat with Assistant Deputy Minister Angela Cooke, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Government of Ontario.

Friday, February 10th, 1:00pm


Angela Cooke, a seasoned housing professional, was recently appointed Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in the Government of Ontario. In her new role, Angela is tasked with spearheading the Community and Supportive Housing Division’s efforts in crafting community housing and homelessness policies, programs, and legislations and establishing evidence-based approaches for implementation and evaluation.

Previously, Angela served as the Associate Deputy Minister of Housing, Construction Standards, Multiculturism, and Anti-Racism for the Province of British Columbia. Under her astute leadership, the province introduced the "BC Housing Supply Act," and she collaborated with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Communities to develop the Urban Indigenous Housing Strategy. Angela also oversaw the province's housing agency, BC Housing Management Commission, and several housing initiatives, working with NGOs, Municipalities, housing providers, developers, the Federal Government, and CMHC. While leading the Multiculturalism and Anti-racism Branch, Angela further demonstrated her acumen by designing the blueprint and roadmap for the Anti-Racism Secretariat and co-creating the provincial Anti-Racism Data Legislation.

With prior experience as the Vice President of Operations for BC Housing Management Commission and holding senior leadership positions at Toronto Community Housing and WoodGreen Community Services, Angela is a well-rounded housing equity expert. She currently sits on the board of the Chartered Institute of Housing, Canada, further solidifying her position as a preeminent voice in the national and international housing community.


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