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Bespoke Training Solutions for
Professional Advancement


Our commitment to fostering continuous learning and skill development is reflected in our diverse array of training options, customized to suit both individual and organizational needs. Our training programs are interactive, practical, and informative, meticulously designed to align with your organizational goals. We ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a constantly evolving professional landscape.

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In-House Staff Training

Our in-house training programs are designed to address specific requirements and mandatories for new staff to work in the healthcare and social and community support sectors. These programs are tailored to meet your unique needs, providing the necessary theoretical and practical skills to confidently tackle daily tasks and challenges. These training courses include:

  1. Harm Reduction

  2. First Aid/CPR

  3. De-Escalation


Alpha Career College


Our prestigious educational branch offers a wide array of accredited and specialized courses to empower individuals with the skills necessary for career success. As a registered institution under the Ontario Career College Act 2005, our college provides comprehensive training across various industries, preparing students for rewarding professional journeys. The programs include Shelter Support Worker, Personal Support Worker, Developmental Service Worker, Case Management, Mental Health and Addiction, Child and Youth Worker, and Food Service Worker. See more


Corporate Training and Workshops

We empower organizations through our comprehensive corporate training and workshops. Our expertly designed programs focus on essential workplace skills and knowledge: 


  1. Strategies for Dealing with Stress & Burnout

  2. Introduction to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in your Workplace and Beyond

  3. Cultural Safety

  4. Conflict Resolution and Management

  5. Palliative Care

  6. Productive Conflict Conversations

  7. Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being

  8. Ethical and Professional Boundaries

  9. Customer Service

  10. Leadership 101 for New Managers

  11. Working With Aging Clients with Mental Health and Addiction


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