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Alpha recognizes the importance for employers to find qualified, competent and reliable candidates to cover full-time and part-time positions throughout Canada. Our focus is on skilled and semi-skilled positions in production and supply chain environments. We hire new employees each year to support light industrial operations, using best-in-class methods for recruiting, screening, testing, and retaining top talent.

Machine Operators


When you invite Alpha to be your executive search and staffing agency partners, we start working right away to find you most qualified Machine Operators to meet your needs. 

General Labourers

We have an existing pool of great candidates with various skills and backgrounds. We continuously seek out new candidates to ensure that we are always armed with top prospects.


We can help you find talent with the right mix of skills and experience to drive organizational growth.


We work with you to understand your unique business and staffing needs and attract candidates that will drive growth.

Forklift Operators

Our candidates are experienced and trained in all types of forklift equipment and in warehouse applications to ensure we send you the right candidate that has the skills and practical experience you need.



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