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10 Smart Tips to Shine at Work

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Congratulations! So you have found a new job or you are among the lucky ones who have been comfortably settled in a job for some time now. Getting a job is just the first step, however. If you want to get recognition and respect from your employer and peers, and be a leading candidate for promotions, consider these following tips..

1. Be competent

The most basic thing you need to do to get into the good books is to do your job competently. Make sure you deliver performance and meet deadlines consistently.

2. Don’t waste time

Use your time responsibly. Excessively surfing the internet and gossiping with colleagues can be detrimental to your career. Try not to be seen wasting your company’s resources.

3. Be proactive

From little things like reloading the copy machine to helping prepare progress reports, from doing additional research for a project or helping a team meet a deadline, there are many ways to demonstrate a proactive spirit. It simply means going beyond your regular duties and doing things without being told.

4. Participate in meetings

Don’t sit quietly in meetings. While that’s good enough for the average worker, you could speak up, participate and keep things moving. Making your voice and opinion heard is a key part of standing out at work.

5. Fix problems

Lots of people take verbal stands. Everyone talks about problems. The people who help fix them stand out. If you think a project has gone off the rails, instead of just pointing out its flaws so you can show everyone how smart you are, jump in and help fix it.

6. Help out

If someone sends an e-mail out about a new initiative or simply asks for suggestions or participation, be the first to volunteer. Join a diversity committee or any other group in the company where you feel you can make a great contribution. People who help out, stand out.

7. Lead with ideas

Someone has to be the leader, so why not you? Throw out ideas and suggestions. Challenge things that do not make sense, in a respectful manner. Use every opportunity to show that you have the confidence and abilities needed to work well in a team and be a good leader.

8. Improve yourself constantly

The business world is constantly evolving, and you will be left behind if you do not keep yourself up to date with the latest developments. Stay relevant by doing extra to improve your skills constantly. Be the first to update your social media pages and help others.

9. Go beyond your job description

When you are at work, always seek out ways to improve the company. Become an integral part of taking your company to the next level. If you show your interest lies far beyond yourself, you’ll stand out and set yourself up to become a future leader in the company.

10. Be hardworking

Nothing beats good, old hard work. The best way to stand out is to simply outwork everyone else. It’s also the easiest way, because often, you’ll be the only one trying.


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