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Black History Month Message

As we celebrate Black History Month, we honour the contributions and achievements of the black community and reflect on our shared history. At Alpha Resources Ltd, we are committed to building social impact by providing services that bring a strong sense of belonging and support to the people who are most disadvantaged. Therefore, we are dedicated to Honouring our Past, Shaping our Present, and Building our Future - Together.

Our past is an integral part of our identity, and it's crucial to acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of Black individuals and communities across Canada. We celebrate Black History Month to remember their legacy, the struggles they faced, and the progress they made, and it provides an opportunity for learning and driving change.

Shaping our present is about creating an inclusive and equitable society today, reflected in our workforce, services, and partnerships. Over 90% of our staff team today identify as black, so we are proud to have a team representative of the diverse communities we serve that can connect with our clients in a meaningful way.

Building our future- Together is about optimizing the quality of services we provide to help address the challenges faced by equity-seeking communities. We are continuously looking for ways to improve, innovate and establish partnerships in our sector to deliver exceptional services to our staff, clients, and partners.


Unfortunately, the statistics in Ontario and Toronto show that black communities continue to face significant challenges, including high rates of homelessness, unemployment, and low levels of access to healthcare and other social services. For example, the Street Needs Assessment Report by the City of Toronto found that Black individuals made up 31% of people experiencing homelessness while only comprising 9% of the general population in Toronto. Alpha is steadfast in working towards solutions that address these issues and provide meaningful support to our clients and communities.


It's important to mention that Alpha Foundation emanated from a Black Woman, Mrs. Carol Thompson  ̶  who had the vision and foresight to address labour market barriers among Newcomers, Canadians, Residents, refugees, and youths. Therefore, as we look to the future, we are proud to continue our commitment to social impact - our staff, clients, and partners are at the forefront of this effort. We extend our sincere appreciation for your unwavering commitment and contributions toward forging a path of growth, strength, and sustainability for our organization.

As we celebrate Black History Month and move forward in our strategic visioning and business development, we are honoured to work alongside such a diverse and dedicated group of individuals. Together we can achieve more, and that's why we emphasize the importance of working as a team. We are all part of the same community, and by working together, we can build a better future for all.

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